Tattoo Removal

Tattoo Removal



Tattoos have become increasingly popular over the past decade and along with it so has the market for effective tattoo removal.


Laser treatment is considered one of the most effective methods to remove any unwanted tattoos and the Q-switched Nd:YAG is one of the most frequently used lasers. The laser works by firing a very short pulse of energy over the treatment area. This incredibly rapid pulse causes fragmentation of the ink particles within the skin, making them small enough for the body’s immune system to carry away.

The easiest of colours to remove are black and red with the remaining colours being slightly more difficult, although we can fade them with more treatments. On average, the removal can take between 4 – 12 treatments, however, this does vary due to different inks, tattoo application, age of tattoo etc.  We do have an industry-approved system in place to calculate how many removal sessions you will need and we will take you through this during the consultation.

Treatment times vary depending on the size of the tattoo, however state–of-the-art technology ensures treatments are incredibly fast. For example, a small tattoo (the size of a 5p coin) would take approximately 30 seconds to treat.

We are able to treat all kinds of tattoos on the body as well as removal of semi-permanent makeup for clients who have had lower quality treatment elsewhere – something we are seeing increasingly more of in the salon. Our particular speciality is in correcting eyebrows and you can read more about our Brow Rescue service here.

Treatment is, on average, 6 – 8 weeks apart giving the treated area time to heal. Please keep in mind it can take up to 12 weeks for the ink to be completely drained away by the lymphatic system.

Prices vary depending on the tattoo and how much work is needed to remove the tattoo.


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Step 1. The consultation. During your consultation, we will assess the areas you wish to have treated and any general concerns you have. At this time, we will discuss the number of treatments needed and the intervals between each session. We work within the strict guidelines set out by the Health Inspectorate of Wales. As such, you will be asked to fill in a form which will cover a number of questions about any medical conditions you may have, medications you are taking, whether you have an active tan etc. This is to assess your suitability for the treatment. There is no obligation to go through with the treatment following a consultation and we will never rush you into anything you are not 100% comfortable with.

Step 2. The patch test. Your safety is important to us. As such, a patch test is required on the treatment area prior to the procedure being carried out. This is to assess whether you have any reactions to the laser, although this is extremely rare. The patch test is carried out during the initial consultation and you will have to wait a minimum of 7 days before being able to have the treatment.

Step 3. The treatment. The treatment time varies depending on the area being treated. However, the average time of this treatment varies from a 15 minutes upwards. 

Step 4. Aftercare. At the end of the treatment, we will explain how to look after the area and you will take home aftercare instructions. You will also be given a small sample of aftercare products to use as instructed, as this will be necessary to ensure your treatment area heals as quickly as possible.


You can find a full list of our pre-treatment instructions here


You can find a full list of our post treatment instructions here


In the day and weeks following your treatment, your skin will be more sensitive to the sun than usual. Ideally, you should keep the area covered with clothing or avoid sun exposure altogether. However, if this is not possible we recommend wearing a high SPF. We stock All Day Shield SPF 50 from Ekseption.


*Results vary from person to person


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